LA Rams roster move: Team calls up LB Natrez Patrick to face Eagles

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

LA Rams roster moves: The team activates LB Natrez Patrick for the game against the Philadelphia Eagles

The LA Rams have activated 6-foot-3 242-pound outside linebacker Natrez Patrick in time for the game against the Philadelphia Eagles.  While the move has some asking “Who got cut?”, the true answer is that the NFL has changed some rules about the practice squad this year. So before we talk about Natraz Patrick, let’s cover that briefly.

As the NFL expanded the practice squad to 16 players, they also made provisions for teams to activate up to two practice squad players per week and then return them to the practice squad without having to go through the waiver process. Each player can be called up twice in a season by a team in this manner.  That allows NFL rosters to temporarily expand to 55 players for that week.

Each player can be called up twice, but after the second time, each subsequent time must clear the waiver system in order to resign that player back to the practice squad.

Now for Natrez Patrick

So now, what’s all this about Natrez Patrick? Well, it seems that the LA Rams would like him to be available for week two.  He is one of the Rams developing edge rushers, and the action would seem to suggest that the team wants extra depth at the position for game day.

While Patrick is listed as an outside linebacker, he is versatile enough to play either inside or outside linebacker for the Rams.  Certainly, the Rams can use added depth at both positions this week. And he is a very similar type of linebacker as Justin Hollins, who was signed off the Denver Broncos waivers.

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The Rams could use Patrick as depth for the inside linebacker role, as the team has just three players on the depth chart for that position. Of course, the Rams could also make use of Patrick on the edge, as that is where Washington had the most success rushing Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.  The Rams clearly have a plan with this move. While we can see several options, the Rams still have to name inactive players for game two. Once they do so, it will clarify what role Patrick will be tasked with playing this week.