Behind enemy lines: LA Rams vs. Bills, through the eyes of BuffaloDown

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Behind enemy lines: LA Rams vs. Bills,’s perspective per Brandon Croce

The LA Rams head east once more, this time to take on the AFC East-leading 2-0 Buffalo Bills. But before anyone places either the LA Rams or Buffalo Bills on any sort of pedestal, they have defeated teams with a combined 1-7 record. That’s hardly the type of opposition that screams playoff-bound teams.

So the first true test for either team in week three. A non-division, non-conference game that will not derail either team’s true hope for a playoff berth by season’s end. But for all of the stormy seas of the time leading up to this NFL season, plus the first two weeks of injuries and upsets, this week is the first beachhead of real NFL football in its finest.

Best of AFC East vs. Best of NFC West

That’s why we graciously accepted an invitation from’s Brandon Croce to share team insights. It’s a great way for Rams fans to see the thoughts of the Buffalo Bills teams that we know so little about. And it’s a means to brag up on the LA Rams a bit, in a year when even lights out performances by this Rams team hardly are noticed by national media.

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The Seattle Seahawks hosted the New England Patriots and won a close game. The LA Rams are the only NFC West team facing an undefeated opponent this week. While that may complicate matters for the Rams this early, it does pave their way for their future games. Since the NFC West will play the AFC East and NFC East this year, the Rams have yet to face some of the weaker teams on their schedule. That is what makes this week three contest so intriguing.