Yes. It’s true. LA Rams ILB Micah Kiser NFC’s Defensive Player of the Week

(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

Yes. It’s true. LA Rams ILB Kiser is the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Week

If you think we’ve been featuring the LA Rams inside linebacker Micah Kiser recently, there is a good reason for that. He played outstanding football in just his second NFL start.  Yes, we saw it. Most of the viewers watching the LA Rams defeat the Philadelphia Eagles saw it. But most of all, voters for the NFC Defensive Player of the Week noticed.

By doing so, they have elevated the defensive performance of Kiser to that of very good NFL starters. Ignore your preconceived notions. Clear your mind of “we’ll never have another Cory Littleton at inside linebacker”.  No, we won’t. We will have Micah Kiser, a young man who plays a different type of football.  He is a thumper, a big ole linebacker who can stop the opposing team’s running back. He’s faced two of the NFL’s best in his first two games in Ezekiel Elliott and Miles Sanders.

Kiser well-deserved honor

So far, it looks like he owns the job. Two games, and already NFC Defensive Player of the Week?  That’s outstanding work.

There is a special spot in the NFL for linebackers. Anyone who plays behind Aaron Donald will have an opportunity to make plays. Opportunity to succeed, or an opportunity to fail. Kiser has chosen to succeed.

Rams defense holding up early

With a solid starting linebacker to solidify the Rams defense, the Rams defense has proven to be one of the most point-stingy defenses in the NFL. Of course, the defensive is the brainchild of defensive coordinator Brandon Staley and depends on disguising coverages and throwing new wrinkles into the gameplay each week. Will the master of disguises run out of ways to hide what the Rams defense is doing each week?  That remains to be seen.

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We likely will not know that answer until the Rams face their NFC West rivals for their second meeting. Then, the real test will be seen whether opposing offenses can stymie the Rams defense. That won’t become a topic for weeks.  Until then, enjoy this one Micah Kiser. We believe it is the first of many coming your way.