3 free agency RBs the LA Rams should invite for tryouts

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LA Rams Free Agency
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RB Miller

RB Lamar Miller is 5-foot-10 and 221 pounds. He is a veteran of nine NFL seasons and remained productive throughout his career.  He suffered an ACL injury in 2019 and was out for the entire season. He signed on to the New England Patriots in August 2020, but he was quickly released by the team on September 5, 2020. So why would I dare to lobby for a guy who was unable to make an NFL team just 20 days ago?

The New England situation is a bit unique. They like to feature their running back, and it was very clear that they brought in Miller to be “the guy”.  They had other options in Sony Michel, James White, Rex Burkhead, and rookie J.J. Taylor. The quick and dirty version is that the Patriots were looking for a quick upgrade at running back.

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No urgency, just insurance

The Rams are not in need of a running back to come in and win out a spot in a matter of days. But they soon could be. And the team is in need of a player who can come in and operate in the Rams’ current offensive structure. While Miller is most often thought of as a grind it out running back, he has a 77 percent completion rate when used as a receiver as well.

His last season, playing 14 games in 2018 for the Houston Texans, landed him 973 yards and five touchdowns on the ground, and 163 yards and a touchdown through the air. That was 2018, and he’s currently on the open market. Even if he sits on the bench for a month, the fact that he is there, getting healthier and stronger, would be a nice insurance policy just-in-case.