3 free agency RBs the LA Rams should invite for tryouts

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LA Rams free agency
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RB Williams

RB Jonathan Williams is a 6-foot-0 217 pound running back. He has four years of NFL experience but spent 2017 on the practice squad. He is an NFL veteran who is still waiting for his “big break”.  The plus for Williams over the other free agents stands upon the absence of a medical flag.  He has been a bit of a nomad so far. In three active NFL seasons, he has played for three different teams.  He has played for the Buffalo Bills, the New Orleans Saints, and the Indianapolis Colts.

This year he was a member of the Detroit Lions under they cut him from the practice squad on September 22, 2020.  Williams has gotten very light work in the NFL so far but has done a fairly good job with so few carries. His career yards-per-carry average is 4.2 YPC on 79 touches. He has scored two touchdowns on the ground as well. As a receiver, he has caught seven of eight passes thrown his way.

Why Williams?

Well, as we pointed out in the beginning, the LA Rams are burning through their three-player running back committee already in just two games. Akers is out, Brown is playing with a broken finger, and Henderson is still post-hamstring.  That is three players with three injuries in just two games.  While nothing has been season-ending, can the Rams truly count on that trend to continue?

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Williams has a bit of NFL experience, but no baggage from past injuries. He is a bit of a traveler, yes. But he has made team rosters because he stays in shape and can be counted on to play if and whenever needed. The Rams have 5-foot-11 208-pound rookie running back Xavier Jones and 5-foot-8 188-pound speedster running back Raymond Calais on the active 53-man roster.  While both are developing on the roster, the Rams will be well-served to have a shortlist if needed. Tryouts cost nothing and give the team a good perspective of the available talent that remains uncommitted. Time for the Rams to make some calls, before they need to.