As wins will pile up, the LA Rams must remain committed to the 4H’s

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The LA Rams are finding early success, but the team must remain committed to football’s 4-H’s

The LA Rams are finding early success in the NFL, success that surprises many.  The consensus preseason projections for the Rams called on the team to win six games, eight games tops. In just two games, the Rams are already two wins.  So for the integrity and credibility of nay-sayers, it’s okay to completely wipe that slate clean.  So how good can this Rams’ team be?

Well, that is certainly the real question and has been all along. We know that a pretty decimated Rams team finished 9-7 in 2019, and a rather healthy Rams team finished 13-3 and made it to the Super Bowl in 2018.  With those as gutters, where do we see the LA Rams finishing this year?  Well, that will depend on whether the LA Rams can remain committed to the 4-H’s of football.  We call it the 4-H club.

4H club

Okay, are we talking about the childhood 4H club? That organization that promotes Head, Heart, Hands, and Health? Not exactly, but the idea is similar. The coaches have committed to winning once more. Bu in the process, the Rams must remain honest, humble, hungry, and healthy this year. It’s that simple. The LA Rams are showing that they have great game plans so far. The team is showing that the team is showing solid execution of those game plans.

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Success can be its own worst enemy. The team has been an underdog in each of the first two games and is lining up as an underdog in game three. Three games, three times underestimated. But at some point in the season, success will draw applause and praise. Then the motivation must shift from being about “proving them wrong” and becomes “proving them right”.  That is a hard transition to make for a professional sports team. So how can the LA Rams accomplish it? But staying true to the four H’s.