As wins will pile up, the LA Rams must remain committed to the 4H’s

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Second – Humility

The second attribute is a bit more difficult as the team finds more and more success. It is the act of humility. Not in the sense that the team or players believe anyone is better than them. But rather it is a process of remaining dedicated to the mission. That mission is the same for any NFL team, to win the Super Bowl. At the end of each NFL season, one team achieves its goal. 31 teams fail to do so.

That is the humbling reality. Victories now are merely a conduit to the NFL playoffs. Defeating non-division teams help, but they truly have a small impact on the Rams hopes for postseason play. The six games that involved the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals, and the San Franciso 49ers will have a far more direct impact.

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Success is learning through adversity

And that where humility kicks in. It is the realization that even as the LA Rams win games, they are failing in plays, at positions, at execution. It’s that ability to remain ground as the applause begins. This team may have won two games, but a two-win start only guarantees that the LA Rams will not finish 0-16 or 1-15.  The LA Rams started 3-0 in 2019, then went on to play to a 6-7 record the rest of the season, missing the NFL playoffs and ending up scrambling for answers.

Even if the team wins eight games to enter the bye week at 8-0, the Rams have only won eight games and can still miss out on earning a berth in the NFL playoffs this year. Without an opportunity to compete in the postseason, the Rams will be one of the 18 teams whose season ends after 16 games are played, and will need to focus upon the 2021 NFL Draft.