Here’s 5 reasons why the LA Rams beat the odds 1 more time

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The LA Rams are underdogs once more. After two victories, here are 5 reasons why the Rams beat the odds once more

The LA Rams are very familiar with this scenario. The team is an underdog. The team is on the road. And the team is coming off a win. Not only are the Rams familiar with this scenario this year, but the Rams have been here before in 2019 as well.  In fact, the LA Rams started out in 2019 at 3-0 before hitting a bit of a snag.

So a 2-0 start is familiar ground for these LA Rams, but it’s not the launch to unfettered optimism. The Rams didn’t finish the job in 2019, despite starting the first three games in the win column. Each week carries more than a win or a loss. It carries the risk of injury to key players. It carries the risk of exposing the team to some new strategy that is effective at stopping the offense or at scoring at will against the defense.

New week, a new challenge

Each week is a new challenge. It can test the team’s teamwork, resolve, endurance, or adaptability. In two games the team has been stronger on offense and stingier on defense than expected. That has translated into a point differential of 21 points in two games. In fact, 21 points are the third-highest margin of victory in the NFL so far.  That is behind the 49 points of the Baltimore Ravens and the 30 points of the Green Bay Packers.

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But this third game continues to insist that the Rams will lose, as have the previous two betting odds. So if you are starting to feel that gnaw of doubt about the Rams in this third game, it’s only natural. After all, the constant feedback from NFL “experts” had the Rams at 0-2 by this point, and they continue to operate off that preseason premise.  So let’s debunk this once and for all so you can truly enjoy the game tomorrow.