Here’s 5 reasons why the LA Rams beat the odds 1 more time

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Rams are Road Warriors

The LA Rams are a good road team. In fact, head coach Sean McVay has a solid track record of winning on the East coast. That cannot be emphasized enough in this game. In the grand scheme of NFL Playoffs and final standings, this game is certainly not the most weighted contest in terms of determining playoff berth and order.

But this is a huge test for the LA Rams. The Buffalo Bills are a 2019 playoff team that has arguably improved this year. The Bills have a dangerously mobile quarterback in Josh Allen and have a dangerous arsenal of receivers who can put up big numbers in any game. The Bills have two wins, against the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins, by averaging 29 points a game.

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Rams have something to prove

If the Bills were on the road, this would not be as great of a challenge for the Rams. Still, the Bills have allowed 45 points to two teams with questions on offense.  And the Rams have had their own success against teams that may or may not prove to be formidable opponents. The NFC East is the only NFL division with three of four teams led by new head coaches. And the Philadelphia Eagles won the division 9-7 in 2019, and it appears that a similar record will take the division again this season.

Still, the clash of two undefeated teams this early in the season is more of an on-the-right track confirmation to the victor and a bit of a still-more-to-be-done punch list to the loser.  The Bills do not have a running game conducive to a home team and the control-the-clock formula. In the end, the Rams move the chains when needed, and close out a win.