Here’s 5 reasons why the LA Rams beat the odds 1 more time

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 Rams still undervalued from ridiculous pessimistic preseason predictions

The LA Rams were projected to win six to eight games this season before training camp. That was not just the amateurs who specialize in hot takes just to get clicks.  That consensus was achieved by some of the more respected national sports media. The premise was simple. A 13-3 falls to 9-7, makes no major personnel moves, the fall continues.

Let’s face the facts. That’s how most “projections” get done in the offseason by news agencies that have neither the time, personnel, or interest in digging into a true basis for any projected outcomes.  So it fell upon a math equation alone, a sequence that ran 13, 9, X and solve for X. And once a pundit or analyst commits to a bad read of the tea leaves, they seldom officially change their view until well beyond all doubt.

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Rams remain a surprise

And so, the Rams are running the ball. The Rams are passing the ball. And the Rams are disguising what they do in such a way that they continue to remain very dangerous. This is a running game that seems to be making stars each week. As for the passing game, quarterback Jared Goff has never appeared more in command and comfortable. He began week two 13 of 13 before throwing an incompletion just before the half.  He ended the game throwing 20 of 27 passes for three touchdowns and no interceptions.

The Bills are vulnerable to a good aerial assault.  They have allowed three touchdown passes while getting just one interception. The Bills seem to have a pretty good run defense, but they have played from a lead in both games, which pushed both the Jets and the Dolphins to pass more heavily. The Rams have fallen behind in games, but the defense shows up in a big way in the second half.