Here’s 5 reasons why the LA Rams beat the odds 1 more time

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LA Rams defense
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The LA Rams excel at pass defense

The LA Rams have shut down to talented NFL offenses so far. The Dallas Cowboys opened the season with just 17 points before erupting with 40 points to defeat the Atlanta Falcons. The Philadelphia Eagles collapsed to an emotional Washington Football team. They were ripe to erupt on offense, but they ran aground of the Rams defense.  They face an 0-2 Cincinnati Bengals this week, and there is almost no chance for the Eagles to be held to under three touchdowns in that one.

Meanwhile, the Rams have faced two teams and held both teams to fewer than 20 points. While the quality of those offenses has yet to be confirmed, both teams have plenty of weapons. So far, the pattern seems to indicate that its the Rams defense, and not poorly schemed offense, that has been the common element in the Rams games.

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Buffalo’s offense runs through the passing game

And there is the wild card for the Buffalo Bills. Their offense is all about a passing attack. And why not? As soon as they get Josh Allen in the pocket, they tilt the odds of success in their favor. Allen has been very accurate now that he can throw the ball to Stefon Diggs, and if the receivers are not open, Allen can pull the ball down and just run. He is the most dangerous runner on the team.

Still, Allen is a young quarterback who is more inclined to run then try to decipher the coverage schemes. And he has yet to face the Rams defense, a secondary that is loaded with playmakers and confusing coverages. It makes perfect sense for Jalen Ramsey to assume the coverage assignment of Stefon Diggs. That leaves Troy Hill and Darious Williams matched up on John Brown and a banged-up Cole Beasley. Beyond those four players, the talent drops off rather quickly.