3 reasons why the LA Rams were right to pay Jalen Ramsey

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LA Rams Jalen Ramsey
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Mentor to younger players

Investing in a star player can go either one of two ways. Either that star shows up and plays well, then moves on. Or that star can multiply his impact on the team by helping to coach up his teammates. Whenever that happens, the money invested in paying the player not only delivers on game day but on the practice field and future rosters as well.

The true NFL stars make players around them better. Not just with their play, but with encouraging words. It’s a tough business, and young players hoping to realize their dreams need more than an opportunity at times. The words of encouragement, wisdom, or just friendship can mean so much.

True stars learn to shine in the lives of others in their darkest moments.

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Mentoring multiplies

Mentoring reinvests expertise back into the roster. It is an almost certain means to ensure the development of younger stars. Not just players from the same position, but players who play opposing positions as well. That voice of a veteran carries a lot of weight. Not only because it comes from the mouth of an NFL star, but because it occurs when the understudy is most receptive to guidance.

Coaching is batch processing. Coaches must instruct multiple players simultaneously. After instruction, players must work out the play by demonstrating the action through a series of repetitions. Young players with no NFL game experience are naturally curious about “what its like” in a game. To hear what it’s like from the personal experience of star cornerback Jalen Ramsey is a truly memorable lesson that can change a young player’s career.