LA Rams need to tighten up on ball security

(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams need to tighten up on ball security before it becomes a huge problem

The LA Rams are now 2-1 following an oh-so-close comeback attempt against a very good Buffalo Bills team.  Now for the aftermath.  The LA Rams will put up a lot of encouraging public commentary about the team’s resiliency. But behind the curtain, the coaches will now dissect and analyze the loss. Events did not go as planned in Buffalo, and the onus is now on the Rams to understand what went wrong, and how the team can do better next time.

While we’ll leave them to sort through the X’s and O’s, we won’t hesitate to join in on the fun if we detect a concerning trend. Right now, a concern that needs to be addressed is the manner that the LA Rams protect the ball.  Through three games, the Rams defense has accounted for three interceptions and two fumble recoveries.  That’s a plus-five in three games. But the Rams have given up the ball four times in three games.

Fix it now, before it’s a problem

Yes, one was a result of uncalled hands to the face of Goff. Yes, another was a result of a fumble at the end of the game. Still, that’s how the ball bounces sometimes.  Coughing up the ball, regardless of the circumstances, is a terrible habit to get into, and a very difficult habit to break. Right now, the Rams are showing signs of getting into some bad habits.

The Rams are good enough to get to the playoffs this year. And perhaps the Rams are good enough to make some noise in the postseason when they get there. But these Rams are not good enough to overcome mental errors. The Rams can run the ball. The Rams can pass the ball. And the Rams can even play some defense. But these Rams cannot lose in turnovers, penalties, or negative offensive plays.

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So far, so good. A young LA Rams team has crossed the first hurdle of the season better than expected. The LA Rams are two wins in three games. But they can do better.  By the end of this season, the will need to.