LA Rams SoFi Stadium home sweet home even without fans

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams have played just one home game, but are staying home to face the  NFC East New York Giants in week four

The LA Rams are about to return home to SoFi Stadium. And despite some angst about areas of the team’s performance so far, the Rams are a respectable 2-1 and are very much in the mix of the early NFL Playoff debates. Did the Rams beat up on two patsy NFC East teams, but fall to a playoff team in the Buffalo Bills. Perhaps. But is there any doubt that a game three played in SoFi Stadium would have ended in the same manner?

Two difficult road games to the East Coast is a tough schedule for any west coast team. It would likely have gone differently if the Rams would have been able to remain in the Eastern Time Zone before week three.

Home sweet home

The LA Rams, like any NFL team, are very much at risk whenever they travel.  They are in new surroundings, exposed to new people, must eat food from restaurants, and delivered to them. We are learning today that the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings have suspended team activities due to a COVID-19 breakout with Titans personnel and players.

After nearly a year of COVID-19, people are slowly becoming less vigilant.  When they are home, the LA Rams organization has a better handle on controlling so many variables associated with the coronavirus. Beyond the familiar neighborhoods, the relaxation of laying heads down on familiar pillows, and the comfort of waking up to a home-brewed coffee, the Rams are simply safer in Los Angeles.

September surprises

While the LA Rams are familiar with quality football, this team is raising the bar once more. There can be little doubt that LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff has matured this year. He is a much different quarterback this year.  But there is much more going on this year. The offensive line is playing at a higher level so far this season.  And the offense is blessed with weapons so far,

Second-year running back Darrell Henderson surprised many with his 100+ yard performance against the Buffalo Bills. With that burst, he is now on track for 1000 yards rushing this year. That is mildly surprising, as the Rams truly didn’t give him many looks in 2019. Still, the Rams have a healing rookie running back Cam Akers who will likely see significantly more offensive snaps down the road as well.

Fuller fits this defense

But the greatest surprise so far has to be the play of rookie safety Jordan Fuller. Not only in the plays he is making on the field, but in the manner in which the defense seemed to erode when he is off the field.  Since week one, he’s been making great plays.

The Rams discovered Fuller with the 199th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft. It’s that ability to find NFL starting talent deep in the draft that continues to buoy the Rams’ hopes to get back to the post-season competition each year.  And over time, the Rams plan to find consistent play from LB Micah Kiser and Kenny Young as well.

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Yes, the Rams are coming home to their SoFi Stadium this week. And they are hosting an outmanned and outgunned New York Giants team. For the first time in this young 2020 NFL Season, the LA Rams will be the odds-on favorite.   Can they handle the expectation of winning as well as they handled the expectation of losing?  We will find out this weekend.