Too soon to mention LA Rams HC Sean McVay for NFL COY?

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LA Rams Sean McVay
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Projected for a 6-10 season. the LA Rams are at 2-1 and show no signs of slowing. Too soon to drop HC Sean McVay’s name for NFL’s Coach of the Year?

Form the moment the NFL schedules were released, a majority of NFL pundits, sportswriters, and prognosticators eliminated the LA Rams from any meaningful discussions. The Rams opened with the Dallas Cowboys, then the team was on the road to the Philadelphia Eagles. Finally, the Rams were scheduled to travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills. When NFL experts looked to that schedule, they all agreed. Loss in week one. Loss in week two. Loss in week three.

And yet here we are. The LA Rams are 2-0. Twice victorious. Twice the underdog. And yet, there are still those who doubt. It’s actually beginning to be fun to read the multitude who were so down on the Rams before this season started trying to save face and actually attempt to declare that they believed the Rams would succeed this year all along.

Never bet against a top head coach

The pressure built for three seasons after the LA Rams committed to Sean McVay to be the team’s new head coach.  Those who said it was a bad move had to remain silent as the LA Rams climbed to 11-5, and then to 13-3 and a Super Bowl appearance. It was not until the Rams fell to 9-7 and missed the playoffs that they roared back to life. Suddenly, the Rams were dunzo. The consensus of NFL predictions for 2020 claimed the Rams would fall to last in the NFC West, and the team would win between 6-8 games.

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So many forgot the basic principle of any NFL team projections. In uncertainty, bet on the head coach. 2020 was a whirlwind of unknowns. And with more and more uncertainty, the leadership of the LA Rams very successful head coach became indispensable. The Rams did not wait for Lady Luck to smile on the team once more. Nor did the team bank on a healthier roster to save the day in 2020. HC Sean McVay continued to learn. After a disappointing 9-7 season to a team hammered by injuries, the LA Rams are due for a rebound. But Coach McVay wanted more.