NY Giants may be the cure for LA Rams defensive malaise

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LA Rams defense
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Even at 2-1, the LA Rams defense concerns some on social media. But the cure for the malaise may be coming to town in the form of the New York Giants

Even after a 2-1 start, there are many who are not quite ready to accept the LA Rams as a contender for an NFL Playoff berth this year. While many are pleased with the Rams offense, some point to the Rams allowing 35 points against a very good Buffalo Bills offense as signs that the Rams are not “there” yet. Perhaps. But the Rams faced two of the three top offenses in the NFL, and have done a pretty good job of containment.

Sure, there are areas to improve upon.  But overall, the LA Rams faced teams with a combined average of 26.7 points per game.  The Rams defense has allowed 23.6 points per game. Of course, the significance of this is that the Rams make up 33 percent of the average score. Removing the Rams’ impact, the Rams have held opponents to five points below their average. Still, Rams fans want more. And more they shall have.

Top two offenses in the first three weeks?

The LA Rams have only played three games so far. Of their first three opponents, the Rams have faced one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL not once, not twice, but three times.  While some will question the Philadelphia Eagles inclusion, consider this: the Eagles activated right tackle Lane Johnson and running back Miles Sanders specifically to face the Rams. The Eagles needed to win at home in week two and fell short.

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The only team able to solve the riddle of the Rams defense is the Buffalo Bills. Still, they won the game on some late-game heroics be a very deep wide receiver group.  So in three games, the Rams have taken on the top two ranked passing offenses in the NFL. That misfortune of the NFL schedule has pushed the Rams passing defense to 21st in the league.  Combined with the fact that the Rams are currently the 18th ranked rushing defense, many are beginning to grow uneasy over the defense that, until week three, had only allowed a total of six points in the second half.