NY Giants may be the cure for LA Rams defensive malaise

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LA Rams defense
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Edgy surprise

The Giants will look to attack the Rams pass defense. After all, the Bills were able to get plenty of passing yards week three. Without running back Saquon Barkley, the Giants will likely run enough to keep the Rams from pinning their ears back in this one. But against the San Francisco 49ers at home, the Giants passed the ball 32 times and rushed just 15 times. Unless they break open some big gainers on the ground early, the Giants will be an almost exclusive passing attack. And with a shaky offensive line focused upon blocking Aaron Donald, several Rams players could have a big game from the edge.

Look for Samson Ebukam to get his first quarterback sack in this game. If the Rams blitz up the middle, you could add LB Kenny Young’s name to the list. To be honest, the Rams could get a lot of pressure pretty quickly in this game. The Giants are on the road and facing a defense that is smoldering over a last-minute loss to the Bills.  Unfortunately, the Giants will be the team to face that frustration.

The schedule starts to smile on the Rams

The Rams defense has simply had the bad end of facing three powerhouse offenses so far in 2020. Over the course of the next games, we’ll witness a new chapter of the defense’s caliber, as the Rams will take on the 31st ranked offense, the 26th-ranked offense, the 12th-ranked offense, and finally the 22nd-ranked offense before the bye.  The team is still learning, and still improving.

There are two opposing forces in any game. The LA Rams may be pitted against a bad team, a good team, a good team on a bad day, or a bad team on a good day.  So far the LA Rams have face three teams that were all projected to compete for a playoff berth this year.  Will the Rams be able to dominate teams with lesser talent? Well, that is yet to be determined. But it seems a relatively safe bet that the Rams will not be on the short end of a 35-32 score this week, nor a 55-40 surprise upset.

dark. Next. The LA Rams cannot shortcut the commitment to develop younger players.

The New York Giants arrive and are struggling to find success so far. The LA Rams are struggling to find the key to putting it all the pieces together on defense. Here’s hoping that it’s the Rams that emerge with some answers from week four.