Giants Tate is upset with LA Rams CB Jalen Ramsey, and it’s personal

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When LA Rams CB Jalen Ramsey ended his relationship with Giants’ receiver Golden Tate’s sister Breanna, football took a backseat. Now, this is personal

LA Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey was once in a long-term relationship with New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate‘s sister, Breanna. That was then, this is now.  Breanna Tate and Jalen Ramsey have two children together. Their oldest daughter is Breelyn Erin, born on July 16, 2018. Their second daughter, Brooklyn, was born on September 27, 2019.   The couple had since parted before the birth of Brooklyn, but the hope for an amicable break-up faded very quickly.

This is a game that both the LA Rams and New York Giants need to win. Right now, the odds lean heavily in the Rams’ favor. So the media is seeking drama to keep this contest on people’s minds. And it didn’t take long for this headline to hit the national sports talking points.

Personal lives are personal, but this matchup is too

The personal relationships of professional sports players are personal.  It’s that simple. Jalen Ramsey broke up with Breanna Tate. Shortly thereafter, he shared a picture of himself and his new girlfriend Monica Giavanna

and Breanna Tate’s brother, WR Golden Tate, was very unhappy about it. So unhappy, in fact, that he did not hesitate to share a veiled threat over the topic.

The powderkeg was created in 2019. The matchup which ignites it happens this Sunday, October 4, 2020. In this one, the Giants will be more than happy to run with any angle possible to leverage a win. Could Golden Tate’s year-old feud be enough to give the Giants some unforeseen incentive to circle the wagons around him and win one for his family honor? That seems like a pretty far stretch of the imagination. Let’s dig a bit further.

How will this one play out?

So what is the situation for this week four matchup? Well, it’s safe to presume that both teams’ coaches are fully aware of the public comments that have been made. It’s also not a stretch of the imagination that both the LA Rams and the New York Giants have already talked to their respective player and cautioned anything outside of the rules in this one.  That’s about all the precautions that can be taken.

If Golden Tate is the aggressor in this game, he hurts the Giants significantly.  The Giants do not have a running game, and Tate is the veteran wide receiver on the team. Any “extracurricular” activity will end up very poorly.

For the Rams side, Ramsey is a key player for the defense. He has the unique ability to shut down opposing receivers. The Rams secondary struggled against the Buffalo Bills, and Ramsey is sorely needed to lead the defensive backs to a much better effort in this one. Ramsey is focused and professional. He will show up.

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The emotions in this one are all on the Giants’ WR Golden Tate.  Of course, that could motivate him to have an outstanding game. But on the same side, he could explode into a rage on any given play. It will certainly be talked about until kickoff.