LA Rams made these 7 ‘right calls’ over the offensive line

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LA Rams offensive line
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The LA Rams offensive line proving once and for all that the Rams made the right seven offseason moves

The LA Rams have been a clinic of wise moves during one of the most uncertain periods of the 2020 NFL season. This was a team that many expected to continue to plummet out of NFL relevance. It’s a johnny-come-lately media and the NFC West has other teams with more sparkles. The San Francisco 49ers were suddenly the NFC Champions of 2019. The Seattle Seahawks filled the role of a consistent playoff team. And the Arizona Cardinals, having dealt for WR DeAndre Hopkins, had locked-in the media’s need for a new team to talk about.

The LA Rams were left without a role to fill, no optimistic narrative.  The team that has never had a losing season was suddenly left in NFL limbo. The team ended the 2019 season with the 31st-ranked offensive line and the 28th-ranked running game. That was all that was required for the frustrated folks who disliked the Rams hiring of a young Sean McVay to skulk to the headlines once more and declare the Rams finished. Kaput. Dunzo.

Rams OL back in solid footing once more

That was premature. After all, the same head coach who has not had a losing season is still at the helm. And he was even more motivated than ever. Some things changed while other things remained the same. Now, the LA Rams are among the NFL’s Top-10 ranked offensive lines per Pro Football Focus interim ranking after three games. In fact, the Rams offensive line is ranked eighth in the NFL after three weeks of play. Some will urge to tap the brakes on that since the season is only just beginning.  But let’s place this all into perspective.

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The LA Rams 2019 offensive line was the 31st-ranked performing among the 32 teams that comprise the NFL. Despite many logical causes, the consensus ran wild from that into the predictions of Armageddon for the LA Rams franchise in 2020.  Predictions included forecasting 6-10 records, finishing worst in the NFC West, benching an inept and ineffective quarterback Jared Goff, and even claiming Rams head coach Jared Goff would be on the hot seat. So it’s time for the other side of the coin to speak. Let’s start by covering the seven ‘right calls’ the Rams organization made this offseason.