Is it finally time for LA Rams TE Gerald Everett’s first big game?

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The LA Rams next opponent is vulnerable deep, is it time for LA Rams TE Gerald Everett big game?

The LA Rams have been putting on a pretty good show in the NFL so far this year. The Rams have been the underdog in all three contests. Despite a 2-1 start, the LA Rams have been pitted against three teams that were projected to NFL playoff berths in 2020. Three games, two on the road, and some projections called for the LA Rams to lose those first three games. The Rams are now 2-1 after those three games. But it’s not yet enough.

Let’s stick a pin in the Rams defense for now. We have and will have separate discussions about the team when the opponent has the ball. For now, let’s focus on the LA Rams offense. It’s been a good start to the 2020 NFL season. The LA Rams have discovered the fountain of youth for the offensive line. They have found the secret combination of running and passing plays to unlock the offensive wizardry on the football field, and the Rams have managed to coach quarterback Jared Goff back to one of the best in the NFL.

Passing targets are off-balance

So far the LA Rams are finding ways to get the ball to starting wide receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. The Rams have been finding ways to get the ball to tight end Tyler Higbee and wide receiver Josh Reynolds.  And the team targetted rookie Van Jefferson until he ran a bad route against the Buffalo Bills. The only “main” target not seeing much of the ball so far is tight end Gerald Everett. That will change in week four.

Rams tight end Gerald Everett has been their go-to guy when the team wants to attack the defense deep on the seam  Right now, the Rams will likely see a lot of nickel single man high coverage. That will allow the Giants to place a cornerback in coverage on the Rams receivers in their 11 package. So the Giants will account for Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Josh Reynolds. But they will be trusting their safety to cover Everett, and that will be a huge mismatch in this one.

Pass rush? Rams respond

Of course, deeper routes mean longer time. So far the LA Rams have gotten better by sharpening their edge on the amount of time needed to get the ball out of Goff’s hands. That’s on Jared Goff, and on the coaching staff. But how do the Rams slow down the Giants pass rush in this one? Well, keep doing what they are doing.

The Rams have shown the ability to mix run and pass blocking looks on the same play. Not only is that an inspired way to prevent back door tackles on the running back, but it forces the pass rushers to slow down their rush to ensure they know where the ball is going.  Bottom line: it forces defenders to pause and recheck the play.  That moment of hesitation is all these Rams need to make a seam route work.

Spread the wealth means it’s Everett’s turn

The Rams have done an incredible job of putting defenses on their heels with a new offensive playbook each week. Each week, the Rams are able to exploit some vulnerability of their opponent’s secondary with a series of well-designed plays. Those plays oftentimes feature some new offensive weapons. In week four, Gerald Everett will likely get targets. Not only is he the least likely player to be discussed by the Giants defensive coaches, but he is one of the Rams offensive players who can cause the most damage.

Of course, the Rams do not bet the house on one player. The Rams have many ways to attack the Giants. Some options are familiar, and some are new. But we’ve discussed how these Rams are playing chess right now. The offense continues to give new looks to complicate the jobs of future opponents. The Rams will certainly have an opportunity in week four. A 100-yard multiple-touchdown performance by Everett will add one more weapon future defenses must plan to shut down.  And that is exactly why the Rams will do it. The Rams are raising the bar in the NFL this year.