5 reasons why LA Rams get the win today

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LA Rams game day
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I – Aaron Donald has a monster game

All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald knows how important winning after a loss is during an NFL season. And he knows how important it is for him to lead his teammates to that victory. The Rams cannot wait for someone to step up.  So Aaron Donald will do exactly that.

The Giants will focus so much of their energy upon stopping Donald, that the rest of the defense will have plenty of opportunities. And Donald is fine with that. He knows that the Giants and send five guys at him and he still will get to the quarterback. He’s just that good.

Donald time

In a game of inches, bet on the player who can move mountains. The Giants are trying to find their way. But they cannot be prepared to face Aaron Donald at SoFi Stadium. He is one of the best in the NFL, and he will not allow himself or his team to be shown up on home turf.  Aaron Donald is a class-act off the football field. But on the field? He is a force of nature.

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This is not a game of who wants it more. The Rams are vying for a playoff berth, and the Giants are simply looking for solid ground to build upon. They will be good down the road, but not this season and certainly not in this one. Aaron Donald will draw a line in the sand, and the Giants simply won’t be able to cross it.