Halftime Recap: Los Angeles Rams 10 New York Giants 6

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams are heavy favorites against the NY Giants, but so far it’s been a difficult half full of mistakes and struggles.

The LA Rams lead the NY Giants at halftime by the score of 10-6, but it’s been a struggle across the board on both sides of the ball. Head coach Sean McVay has been very cautious with the playcalling in the first half and as a result, the Rams have struggled to produce points. In turn, that has placed the Rams center stage of a low scoring slugfest. The Giants are still very much in this game, and it’s because of the conservative playcalling and a refusal to push the football down the field.

The running game has been a mix of Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson hammering the football with their zone run scheme. The Rams have not tried to push to the boundaries but instead have tried to keep the football inside the numbers. Brown leads the team with 25 rushing yards.

Goff efficient, but not dynamic

Jared Goff has 13 completions for just 89 yards because of the conservative playcalling that hasn’t allowed him to push the football down the field. There haven’t really been any shots so far in this game. Most of those completions have been on screens and other short concepts that are thrown around the line of scrimmage. Mistakes have been killers for the Rams, from missed blocks to the fumble by Gerald Everett that destroyed a promising drive in the first quarter.

The Rams have just 9 first downs and 116 total yards.

The defense has capitalized on the mistakes of the Giants, holding the Giants to just 67 total yards and 6 first downs, and a measly 2.4 yards per play. They haven’t collected a turnover yet. However, the pressure on young quarterback Daniel Jones has been fierce as this defense already has four sacks. Aaron Donald has been all over the backfield, and while he has a shared sack with Samson Ebukam, he’s been a force on the quarterback all game so far. Morgan Fox, Jalen Ramsey, and Michael Brockers each have a first-half sack.

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If the Rams want to get back into this game, they need to start pushing the football down the field. Playing conservatively is keeping the Giants in this game. They have the weapons to be explosive, now the playcalling needs to reflect that.