LA Rams punch list after first four games of 2020 NFL season

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LA Rams
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LA Rams’ on-the-fence, surprises, and disappointments after the 2020 season’s first four games

The LA Rams have played four games so far, and have twelve remaining. Since that is 25 percent completed of a 16 games NFL season, why not pause here and take a breath.  The journey is all part of the fun.  We wait for months for football to be back, and yet when it arrives we race through the season in a rush to accumulate wins.  Then, we hope for a berth in the NFL Playoffs, which means the end of another season.

Well, let’s not have that this year. Why not take pauses and celebrate the pleasant surprises, and discuss the disappointments.  The Rams were not very popular in the offseason. By some accounts, this team was destined to collapse under the weight of an inflated payroll and supersized egos. Many pointed to the exodus of talent from a disappointing 9-7 team as reason enough to be bearish on the 2020 LA Rams. Many predicted a six to eight-win season this year.

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But surprise folks.  the Rams are already 3-1 and are trailing the NFC West-leading Seattle Seahawks by a game. For NFC Playoff calculations, the Rams have won three games in the conference which places them in an excellent position for a playoff berth. The Rams are in second place in the NFC West, a division that has a combined 11-5 record.  Only the AFC North is comparable, at 10-4-1. But the NFL postponed the Tenessee Titans game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Some would challenge whether the Rams ‘deserve’ a playoff berth. To do so, there are plenty of shortcomings to cite with this Rams team.  Let’s face it, all teams have bad plays, bad football quarters, and bad games. There are no perfect NFL seasons.  Winning a game in style is no more important than winning a game in an ugly fashion.