Vogel’s Analysis: Inside LA Rams Cooper Kupp’s 55-Yard TD catch

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Vogel’s Analysis: Inside LA Rams Cooper Kupp’s 55-Yard TD catch

The LA Rams found themselves in an all-out 60-minute fistfight against the New York Giants in week four action. However, at the lowest point of the game, Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp and quarterback Jared Goff stood up and made a huge play to change the course of the game. It was a huge turn of fortune for the Rams, as the GIants pesky defense seemed to have a supernatural ability to keep everything in front of them. But not this time.

The  Rams didn’t catch a break for the entirety of the first three quarters against the New York Giants, a team that entered the game 0-3 and looking to win their first match of the season. The Rams found this out quickly, skimming a slight 10-6 halftime lead that was cut to 10-9 early in the fourth quarter. At that point, doubts as to whether the Rams would let this one slip away began to creep into the minds of even the most loyal fans.

The offensive play from nowhere

The Rams offense had struggled tremendously with moving the football. Their typically methodical approach looked out of sync, the offense sputtering to the faster, more energetic Giants. Whatever the Rams tried, the Giants seemed able to sniff it out.  This was a game where everything was topsy-turvy. The Rams were in the role of Goliath, and the Giants were in the role of David, the lesser team that was fearless and chipped away at the Rams.

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With the clock approaching under seven minutes to go, the Rams found themselves in a third-and-three situation with the Giants defense looming. The big play had been missing all afternoon and things did not appear to be much better. After a seven-yard pitch and catch to Josh Reynolds, the Rams went into hurry-up offense and rushed their players to the line of scrimmage.