Rumors of LA Rams O’Connell links to Haskins are inevitable

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Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

Rumors over Kevin O’Connell links to QB Dwayne Haskins makes the LA Rams an obvious ‘next stop’ for the young quarterback are inevitable

As the LA Rams prepare to face the Washington Football team, Washington has made a significant and somewhat surprising move at quarterback.  Washington has name Kyle Allen as the starting quarterback for week five, named Alex Smith as the backup, and demoted former starter Dwayne Haskins to third in the team’s depth chart.

That type of move is not an adjustment. It’s a statement. The Washington Football team has determined that they are not going to pursue an offense led by second-year quarterback Dwayne Haskins any longer.  That is the uniform consensus today as a result of the move.

So now the only remaining question is, what’s next for Haskins?

Links to LA Rams inevitable

Rumors linking Haskins to LA Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell are inevitable. Haskins performed his best and made his most progress when working directly with offensive coordinator O’Connell in 2019. Now with virtually all hopes for a future career with Washington severed, it would make sense for Haskins to seek a reunion with his former mentor.

And for the LA Rams, the fact that the team is carrying one backup quarterback on the active roster, plus one on the practice squad, with neither quarterback possessing any NFL game experience, certainly seems to place the Rams into the market for an inexpensive NFL quarterback with starting experience.

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Deflated value

The LA Rams have expressed strong confidence over backup John Wolford, and they have signed rookie quarterback Bryce Perkins to the practice squad for future development.  Washington had invested the 15th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft in Haskins, and he was reportedly a favorite of Washington football team owner Dan Snyder.  How much will Washington expect for Haskins now?

The Rams will likely not be willing to part with anything higher than a sixth or seventh-round pick, even for a second-year quarterback who was drafted in the first round. Still, it makes sense for Washington to sever all ties and avoid a prolonged debate or second-guessing. If Washington shares that view, then the Rams could make a ridiculously low-ball offer that just might be accepted.

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Stay tuned. Haskins getting benched came out of nowhere. Since that has happened, there will likely be a flurry of information about this situation forthcoming, along with the inevitable rumors..