5 free agency ILBs to help LA Rams endure full season

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Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Rams free agency
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

With 2 of 3 LA Rams ILBs currently nursing injuries, help is needed now. Here are 5  ILBs from free agency to tryout

The LA Rams started off the season very thin at inside linebacker. Entering week five, the Rams are now down to one healthy linebacker on the roster. He is Troy Reeder.  Say what you will about the season being young, and the Rams defense as just fine. This is a long 16 week season, and only four games have been played. So far, we have ILB Travin Howard injured and out all season. We now have both Micah Kiser (groin) and Kenny Young (knee) nursing injuries.

Do you see the problem yet? The LA Rams have three undrafted inside linebackers on the practice squad, and none have any NFL experience. So that has the Rams right here. Troy Reeder is our one healthy inside linebacker on the 53 man roster on a 3-4 team, and the Rams are traveling to Washington to play game five.

2/3rd of Rams ILBs banged up

The Rams October 7 injury report looked like this:

The reality is that even if the Rams can get both Kiser and Young back to a healthy enough status, the wear and tear of NFL games will drag them back to the DNP list next week, and the week after.  The only real fix is to lighten the Rams rotation at the position by bringing in reinforcements.

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So that is what this one is all about. The LA Rams need inside linebacker reinforcements. And by now all of the elite veterans have been spoken for.