5 free agency ILBs to help LA Rams endure full season

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Option 5

Corey Nelson is the first linebacker to consider.  He is a 6-foot-1 and 226-pound inside linebacker who is a six-year veteran of the NFL. He was placed on injured reserve last year with a torn bicep suffered in an October 29 game against the Indianapolis Colts.  While he has played the role of special teams and rotational player, he is ideal for the LA Rams needs right now.

At 28, and with experience with defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, Nelson would be able to come in and absorb enough snaps for the Rams to give both Micah Kiser and Kenny Young a breather.  Even if he is not ready immediately, he brings another warm body that is ready on the bench for an emergency situation.

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Justin Hollins just isn’t enough

While the Rams signed Justin Hollins to fill a linebacker role, the team quickly explained that he would be playing both outside and inside linebacker roles for the Rams. While that is fine with a fully staffed inside linebacker squad, the Rams are cutting it too close to the bone right now with both Kiser and Young dinged up.

Nelson knows the inside linebacker role. And he is an inexpensive option to sign if the Rams like what they see.  Even if the Rams pass, for now, they will have a chance to collect plenty of information on Nelson just-in-case the Rams suddenly find themselves in a rapid need for an inside linebacker.