5 free agency ILBs to help LA Rams endure full season

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LA Rams Free agency
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Option 3

Manti Te’o is a third option for the LA Rams. Standing 6-foot-1 and weighing 241 pounds, the seven-year NFL veteran has played in 62 NFL games while starting 48 of them. Throughout his NFL career, he has been a solid defender, both as a starter and in rotations.  While he has been a permanent roster player for most of his career, he joined the New Orleans Saints in December 2019 to help their roster through injuries

He played three games for the Saints last year, starting in two. And that is the type of experience that the Rams need to add to the roster now. Briefly stated, the Rams need a player who can come in and make spot starts for the team as their injured players recover from minor injuries.

So Cal veteran

While Te’o is primarily a run stopper and gap filler, he can play pass defense as well. In 2018, he allowed only a 54 percent completion rate when targetted. Right now, the LA Rams linebackers are struggling in pass coverage.

Te’o played four seasons for the then-San Diego Chargers and had excellent production when he played there. And at the age of 29, he is still at the right age to make solid contributions to the right defense. He would be a huge addition for the Rams linebacker depth.