NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

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LA Rams NFL Power Rankings
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

The LA Rams are through the first quarter of the season. As the NFL is now in full swing, the time has come for us to revisit our NFL Power Rankings.  Despite all the bravado of the offseason, it’s already clear that several teams have not handled the unique challenges presented by 2020 as well as others have. For that matter, there is also a bit of complication as many teams are adapting at different rates to the new season.

Football is back, at least in many ways. But the stadiums around the nation remain empty for the most part. That hasn’t stopped the NFL from promoting young stars of the game like Cincinnatti Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow, or Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Even as the NFL is spotlighting new faces, there are as many storylines about familiar faces in new surroundings. One team has already tapped out and is aiming at 2021. They are the Houston Texans who decided that an 0-4 start to a season was reason enough to surrender.

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Of course, Ramblin Fan faces a number of opposing views on the topic, but when the power ranking only list the names of NFL teams, where is the fun in that? After all, I always enjoyed the thought process used to arrive at team rankings.

Here is the latest Power Ranking from Pro Football Tak.

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I struggled with this power ranking. Why? How are the 1-3 Dallas Cowboys ranked 17th, ahead of the Las Vegas Raiders and Arizona Cardinals? How are the 2-2 San Francisco 49ers ranked 16th, ahead of the Cardinals team that defeated them one on one by three spots? If there is something you should probably know about me, it’s this: If I don’t find an easily found article about a topic that I am seeking an answer to, then I roll up my sleeves and write it. So here we go.