NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

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LA Rams NFL Power Rankings
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22. Denver Broncos

After starting out winless, the Denver Broncos earned a much-needed win against the NY Jets on the road. But let’s face facts. Defeating the Jets means very little this year. And for all intents and purposes, that win may be one of only a handful of victories for the Broncos this year.

2020 Summary

The Broncos lost quarterback Drew Lock to injury, and he is not yet back to full health.  When he comes back, he will return to a team with rapidly fading playoff hopes, and likely in a battle with the Los Angeles Chargers for the last place in the AFC West division.

2020 Outlook

It’s tough to witness a team that was 7-9, added RB Melvin Gordon and rookie WR Jerry Jeudy, only to start the NFL season 1-3 and likely looking at 1-4 after five games. Ah, but such is life in the NFL. Perhaps when QB Lock returns, the Broncos can make a push for the playoffs. That’s a pretty tall order.

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Of course, anything can happen in the NFL and often does.  But these Broncos appear to be no better than 8-8 now after a disappointing start to the season. And with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders both appearing like playoff teams, the Broncos may need to prepare for a third-place finish.