NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

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LA Rams NFL Power Rankings
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20 Philadelphia Eagles

The 1-2-1 Philadelphia Eagles are decimated. But the worse the roster becomes, the better their quarterback Carson Wentz plays. And the Eagles will soon start getting healthier. Now it’s a race against time and the Dallas Cowboys as to which team gets healthy enough to win half their games first.

2020 Summary

The 2019 Philadelphia Eagles fell to 5-7 before winning their final four games to steal the division crown over a bad-but-entitled Dallas Cowboys. Is 2020 setting up to be more of the same NFC East theatrics? The Eagles won a hard-fought game on the west coast, but now get the Steelers and the Ravens.

2020 Outlook

This is a bad year to be the defending NFC East Champion because it means that the Eagles play the Packers and the Saints.  Not only that, but the Eagles have been so decimated that they are running an offense on backup offensive linemen. That is nearly impossible to do and continue to win. If the Eagles can get Carson Wentz right, and get some receivers healthy for him, they still can win enough games to take the NFC East.

54. . 1-2-1. Previous: 12th. Philadelphia Eagles. 20. team

But the Eagles are stuck in the limbo of good enough to barely get in, but too weak to win once there. That pattern will repeat until the Eagles place more faith into younger players and rebuild a winner around Wentz.