NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

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LA Rams NFL Power Rankings
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16. Los Angeles Chargers

Can a 1-3  NFL team still make the playoffs? If any team can, it’s the Los Angeles Chargers. They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs by three points, the Carolina Panthers by five points, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by seven points.

2020 Summary

After four games, the Chargers are 1-3 and could be disappointing to some. But they continue to play in the AFC West, and with a couple of upset wins, they could manage a 9-7 season.  They have successfully transitioned their offense to rookie QB Justin Herbert, and he is doing a fairly good job so far.  Unfortunately, the Chargers just learn that their best rusher, Austin Ekeler is lost for several weeks.

2020 Outlook

The Chargers take on the Saints in week five and then get three winnable games on the schedule. Ultimately, these Chargers will need to sweep the Broncos and the Raiders and finish the season at least 10-6 to have a shot at a playoffs berth. that’s a tall order for a team that has a rookie quarterback and has lost the best player on offense for a month or so.

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If the Chargers can get to .500 after eight games, they have a chance at the playoffs. But with a rookie quarterback leading this team, anything better than last season’s 5-11 record is a bonus.  The team will be in a position to challenge the Chiefs in 2021.