NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

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LA Rams NFL Power Ranking
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

13. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders’ first four scheduled opponents were brutal. After defeating the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints, the Raiders lost in New England and again at home against the Buffalo Bills.

2020 Summary

The Raiders are two wins and two losses over one of the toughest periods of the season. They have already played the Saints, the Bills, the Patriots, and the Panthers. Over the next two weeks, the Raiders face the Chiefs and the Buccaneers.  If they can somehow emerge 3-3 after the first six games, they are in business.

2020 Outlook

The Raiders can get awfully hot to finish off the final six games this year. Right now, the Raiders appear to be able to run the table with the last six games or at least go five wins.  That means that the Raiders need to play as close to .500 this season through the midpoint of the season.  Of course, they will need to face the Chiefs, the Browns, the Buccaneers, and the Chargers over the next four games.

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The Raiders have an outstanding RB Josh Jacobs, and Derek Carr is enjoying a career season so far. Their defense is suspect and could be their downfall. They allow opponents to score 30 points per game. That has to improve if the Raiders want to get to the playoffs.