NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

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LA Rams NFL Power Rankings
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5. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are undefeated and have beaten some good teams along the way. They have a dominating passing offense, enough defense to win games, but not enough running game to win in the cold weather. And yes, it will get cold in Buffalo this year as it has for each year.

2020 Summary

The Bills are a pleasant surprise. They boast a top-notch passing attack that has enough weapons to threaten any NFL defense. They have gotten ‘lucky’ by winning two consecutive close games by a margin of just six points. But success oftentimes requires a bit of luck. Right now, the Bills seem to be on that good-fortune track.

2020 Outlook

The Buffalo Bills will earn any success they have this year. They face the AFC West and NFC West teams this year. That means they will need to sort out the schedule, but will likely face the Tennessee Titans followed by the Kansas City Chiefs. And they still must contend with dangerous Patriots teams. But they have Josh Allen, who is truly claiming ownership of that offense.

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The Bills are really firing on all cylinders. But every year, there is that one team that peaks too soon. By the time the playoffs arrive, they are not playing their best football. Are the Bills that team this year?