NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

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LA Rams NFL Power Rankings
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31. New York Giants

The New York Giants are a team caught trying to improve the team by adding talented rookies at a time when the conditions favoring rookies performing well in the NFL have fallen to a historic low.  The threat of a COVID-19 event to NFL teams forced teams to cut training camp to the bare minimum. What the Giants were left with was a raw team sent into the 2020 NFL season less prepared than many.

2020 Summary

After four games, the New York Giants are one of four teams still looking for their first win. With three consecutive games against NFL opponents, they will likely find a win rather quickly, and perhaps two of the next three games.  But until that happens, they will bounce along the bottom of the NFL Power Rankings.

The Giants simply cannot move the ball. When they do, they cannot score. When they score, they settle for field goals. In four games, the Giants have scored just three touchdowns. In the past eight quarters of football, they have only scored six field goals and no touchdowns.  It’s not all bad decision making, as the Giants formula for tough defense with a ground and pound offense may have worked. But star RB Saquon Barkley is out with injury.

2020 Outlook

The Giants may not possess the flash of a top NFL offense, but football lovers have to appreciate what the Giants are doing here.  The 2020 season may not end up with many wins for the GIants, but a lot of young players are getting valuable on the job training. With the team happy with Daniel Jones under center, and with a 2020 NFL Draft focused on offensive linemen, the Giants are set up perfectly to focus upon receivers and depth in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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The Giants are taking a fundamentally sound approach with roster building. They have a quarterback and strong defense this year.  In 2021, they’ll get Barkley back and will have an experienced trio at offensive line.