NFL Power Rankings: October Edition finds LA Rams rising

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LA Rams NFL Power Rankings
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28. Minnesota Vikings

The 1-3 Minnesota Vikings lone victory came at the expense of the now 0-4 Houston Texans. The Texans subsequently fired their head coach, which pretty much puts into perspective how losing to this Vikings team is received in NFL circles. The Vikings did not do themselves any favors by getting younger in a season where youth came with a severe handicap.

2020 Summary

After four games, the Vikings do not resemble a 2019 NFL Playoff team in the least.  Yes, they can score points. But this team cannot stop anyone from scoring plenty of points against them.  It hasn’t helped that the Vikings have faced the Green Bay Packers, the Indianapolis Colts, the Tenessee Titans in their first three games.

But let’s not makes excuses. Quarterback Kirk Cousins has thrown for six touchdowns and six interceptions. On defense, the Vikings are getting nearly no pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  And a secondary that is only getting two interceptions in four games is not helping their offense very much.

2020 Outlook

If the Vikings intend to compete in the playoffs, they needed to emerge with no less than two victories in four games. With the Packers and Seattle Seahawks among their next four opponents, the Vikings could be looking at 3-5  If the Vikings lose five of their first eight games, they won’t return to the playoffs this year.

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The Vikings gambled on youth in a year where young players will struggle. The offense has put up 30+ points on the board. But much like other teams this year, their defense struggles to stop anyone.