Ironically, LA Rams find themselves cheering for the 1-3 Vikings

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
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Ironically, LA Rams find themselves cheering for the 1-3 Vikings to upset the NFC West-leading Seattle Seahawks

The LA Rams are taking care of business so far this season. While they did lose on the road to the AFC East-leading Buffalo Bills, the Rams have won all four games against the NFC East division.  The NFC West division-leading Seattle Seahawks have taken care of business too. So far, they are 4-0 and are preparing to face the visiting Minnesota Vikings in Sunday Night Football.

The San Francisco 49ers are not good at home this year. They’ve lost to all three visiting teams: They Arizona Cardinals, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Miami Dolphins. While the Arizona Cardinals have defended their home field against the Washington Football Team, the did lose a home game to the Detroit Lions, and then a road game against the Carolina Panthers.

Skol those Seahawks

With the Rams at 4-1, they trail the Seattle Seahawks by just one-half of a game. That can be eliminated by a win tonight by the visiting Minnesota Vikings. While the game opened heavily favoring the home Seahawks by 9.0 points, that has eroded to just 6.5 points by kickoff. Still, odds are odds, and games still need to be played on the field. So far, the Seahawks are undefeated, but they have loved to flirt with a loss along the way.

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The Seahawks have one four games with a margin of victory never exceeding eight points.  That may not be alarming unless you include the fact that their opponents are a combined 6-14. The 1-3 Vikings add another “ought-to-win-handily” opponent to their schedule. The Vikings have had the opposite luck in their schedule, as their opponents are a combined 11-6. The Vikings’ point difference so far this season has been 19 points.

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Can the Seahawks stay the course? Or will the Vikings play early-season spoiler and upend the Seattle Seahawks in a game few expect them to have a chance of winning? Well, for what it’s worth, practically all NFC West fans who do not root for the Seahawks will be attempting to chant SKOL during tonight’s game. I think the Vikings have a solid chance in this one. To be honest, it’s that zany kind of season so far.