3 reasons LA Rams offense feels good heading into week 6

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LA Rams Tyler Higbee Gerald Everett
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The Rams two talented tight ends

The Rams have both tight end Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett at full strength. The LA Rams needed to make use of tight ends in their offense in 2019 to help out a struggling offensive line. With Gerald Everett out, the Rams turned to tight end, Tyler Higbee, who proceeded to dominate defenses in December 2019 with 522 yards.

But 2020 promised to be different. The Rams offensive line has played a bit better so far. But that hasn’t stopped the Rams from getting full usage out of two-tight end formations. In one play to Gerald Everett, the Rams lined up Everett as the upback, sent him into a receiving route, and Washington had no defender close to making a play on that route.

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Stacked offense

Not only do the Rams have some of the NFL’s best offensive weapons on one offense, but the Rams do a remarkable job of stacking offensive plays. The best offenses use the commitments made by defensive players to dictate where the ball must go.  If QB Jared Goff sees the defense adjusting to the upback, he knows the has two wide receivers in routes and one will be getting separation.  If the defense loads up on defensive backs, Goff can audible to a run with the upback as the lead blocker.

Higbee and Everett are both incredibly talented tight ends. Until week five, Higbee was 13 of 15 for 154 yards and three touchdowns, and Everett was four of five for 53 yards and 0 touchdowns. But in one game, Everett was four of four for 90 yards. and Higbee was two of two for just 12 yards. In one game, Everett nearly matched his teammate’s yards even though half as many passes were thrown his way. That gives the next defense that much more to plan against.