3 reasons LA Rams offense feels good heading into week 6

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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QB Jared Goff great game against a great passing defense

For all their woes, the Washington Football team was a tremendous challenge for LA Rams QB Jared Goff, particularly in the game before they face a very similarly constructed Sam Francisco 49ers defense. Washington has great pass rushing from the edge, a solid secondary, and a stout defense. At least, they were very effective until matching up against the Rams.

There is a fundamental fact that seems to sail over the heads of most football analysts. The reason that this Rams offense is so dangerous is simply that it starts with quarterback Jared Goff. The defenses of 2019 were very aware of this and attacked Goff relentlessly. That strategy was very effective because few quarterbacks can succeed when the ball arrives alongside a blitzing defender.

Goff upgraded

So Jared Goff upgraded. He learned to move in the pocket, throw off balance, and maintain ball velocity. Not only has that helped his mechanics, but it has helped his confidence under pressure as well. He is nearly back to his 2018 form. But he is at a career-high for completion percentage. Best of all, his average yards-per-pass-attempt is at a career-high as well.

I get it. Analysts hate to be wrong. Once they form an opinion, changing that opinion is a public admission of being wrong. They are on record stating that Goff is unable to be in the discussions of elite NFL quarterbacks because they hastily labeled him a “system quarterback”. To frame that, it’s the same as calling a star actor a puppet or marionette. It’s a self-fulfilling insult.  As Goff has great games, they simply acknowledge head coach Sean McVay’s play-calling. If Goff struggles, that’s on Goff.

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But Goff is nobody’s muppet this year. He is making plays successful. He has been playing very well because he is confident and is running his offense.