49ers WR Samuel calls out LA Rams DL Aaron Donald after ‘Who?’

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /
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49ers WR Samuel calls out LA Rams All-Pro DL Donald after ‘Who’s that?’ comment

The LA Rams knew that week six would be a huge elevation of competition. The scheduled game at the San Francisco 49ers was circled months ago.  This was the first true test. After all, the Rams had found success against the weakest division in the NFL. This one would be for the team’s reputation going forward.  The 49ers would play the Rams tough, as happens in all division rivalry games.

Still, the LA Rams knew that the 49ers would not blow the back off their defense. This would be a game expected to be fought in the trenches, and it was.  This was a game expected to expose flaws, applying pressure to the Rams key players, and it did. The game was everything that the LA Rams could have expected

Tale of two halves

The LA Rams defense was pushed around a bit in the first half. The offense seemed to be out-of-synch nearly the entire game. The offense normally connects quarterback Jared Goff to both starting wide receivers Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods.  In this game, the Rams struggled to get the ball into the wide receiver’s hands.  For this one, the Rams only connected to their receivers seven times out of 19 attempts for 40 yards and one touchdown.

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But it was not all ineptness on the Rams part. They ran the ball very effectively, getting 88 yards from running back Darrell Henderson. And the Rams seemed to have success when throwing to their tight ends. The problem was that the Rams failed to recognize what worked in that Sunday Night Football game until it was out-of-hand.  In the end, the only thing the Rams could do is face the media in their postgame interviews, and get ready to face the Chicago Bears