49ers WR Samuel calls out LA Rams DL Aaron Donald after ‘Who?’

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LA Rams Aaron Donald Deebo Samuel
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Postgame controversy

This game wore down the Rams. You could that after the 49ers gained a substantial lead, the Rams seemed to play mechanically, with less rhythm and joy. At times, it resembled an assembly line, with some players appearing to do the bare minimum.

The Rams post-game interviews were loaded with “what the hell happened out there?” sort of questions. But one question posed to Rams All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald about defending 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel came out of nowhere, prompting Donald to ask “Who?” for clarification at the 10:55 mark.

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Big To-Do over nothing

Once Donald understood the meaning of the question, he responded that Samuel did a lot of good things in the game. It seemed like a harmless exchange. A fatigued player who was facing many sports journalists, and trying to answer responsibly.

Of course, not everyone saw it that way.  One such alternate interpretation was that of 49ers WR Deebo Samuel. What he heard in that interview was disrespectful. How dare Donald not know his name?!?!  That reaction prompted him to troll the LA Rams All-Pro defensive lineman Donald on his Instagram. Apparently, the brash receiver felt disrespected by Donald for not immediately recognizing his name. Why was he focused on the Rams, and not their next opponent? That’s hard to say.