49ers WR Samuel calls out LA Rams DL Aaron Donald after ‘Who?’

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LA Rams Aaron Donal Deebo Samuel
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Message delivered

Deebo sent a message to All-Pro Aaron Donald.  A young man who just played in his 18th game trolled multi-year All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald.  So yes, he had a message for Donald, one that probably would not make his teammates on the offensive line nor his coaching staff happy:

But the real question is, why did he react like that?

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Amateur move, Deebo

It’s the type of message that didn’t need to be sent, but he directed that message directly to Aaron Donald, in a “How dare you not know my name?” feigned shock.

"“Ion think you hear me yet. 3-0 against the rams. (Aaron Donald – ‘who’s that?’)"

Winning a game against a division rival is one thing. Pausing to trash-talk to the team you just defeated is something else altogether. What was the point? To pour salt into the wound of the Rams’ loss? Or did it simply serve to paint a bullseye on his back for the next meeting in Los Angeles? That message will come back to haunt him.