LA Rams mock draft 1.0: 2021 NFL Draft restocks the roster

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LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft
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The LA Rams mock draft for 2021, with just six picks, where the team emerges from the 2021 NFL Draft focused on depth

The LA Rams are pretty solid this year. Of course, the team could use a talent infusion at linebacker and offensive line. But for the most part, the team is talented and the roster has plenty of depth. Of course, the Rams are fairly successful so far. That means that their picks will occur later in each round.  And the Rams are still paying on trades that landed Austin Corbett and Jalen Ramsey.

Why do a mock draft this early when the Rams are still playing football? Simple. Mocking potential players now gives readers a chance to scope out potential prospects now.  After all, college football is still underway. It’s also a chance to set realistic expectations for the 2021 NFL Draft.  You see, the LA Rams have traded away three of their seven draft picks.

Draft picks for 2021

Fortunately, their loss of free agents Dante Fowler Jr. and Cory Littleton will net the team awarded compensatory draft picks, likely a third and a fourth-round variety.  In the end, the LA Rams will have six draft picks in the 2021 NFL Draft, and many roster openings.  Will that be enough?  Well, we know that the Rams pulled off some miracles before and during the 2020 NFL Draft. It was a trade of WR Brandin Cooks that landed the LA Rams another pick in round two of the draft, and trade out of their 126- pick and landed picks 138, 248, and 250.

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So the Rams are looking at the 2021 NFL Draft from the same angle that they entered the 2020 NFL Draft. Once more, the LA Rams find themselves with fewer picks than needs, no first-round pick, and an exodus of players who have been solid contributors. How can the LA Rams fill the loss of 60 percent of their starting secondary, a wide receiver, a tight end, and an offensive lineman? Draft at that position is how.