Do LA Rams need more LB options? Here are 5 more PS players to poach

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Do LA Rams need more LB options? Here are 5 more PS players to poach for 53-man roster

The LA Rams need help on defense. No, it’s not a shambles. No, the Rams have not exhausted their options or salary cap. If the Rams see a need to improve their roster, and an opportunity to do so, then by all means the front office should make some calls.  The Rams are six games in on a 16 game NFL season.  At 4-2, it’s not a stretch to include these Rams in the discussions about the 2020 NFL Playoffs.

But in spite of the team’s success, any effort to improve this team’s roster and overall competitiveness must be explored. After all, any endeavor now will pay off for the rest of the season. If the Rams like what they get, this could turn into a long-term relationship for the Rams at a position they’ve struggled to fill over a long-term basis.

Revisit a fresh topic

We’ve already discussed this topic. The results were a warm reception, but some of the feedback in comments and social media responses suggested that we’d gone there before. In a quick summary, the concept is great, but readers wanted more names to mull over. Talent is out there in the NFL. It’s just a matter of finding the right guy.

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Surprisingly, we had five more players assembled to discuss, but hesitated to do so out of respect of not overwhelming readers in one shot. But here we are, two days later, putting the rest-of-the-story candidates for the Rams 53-man roster to publication. While there are always risks, right now the Rams are carrying two kickers. Once the Rams decide upon the full-time booter going forward, the Rams can fill the vacated spot with an inside linebacker.  Who’s out there?