Do LA Rams need more LB options? Here are 5 more PS players to poach

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LA Rams roster Evan Weaver
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Cardinals Weaver

The LA Rams poached offensive lineman Coleman Shelton from the ranks of the Arizona Cardinals in 2019. So why not double down by poaching Evan Weaver, linebacker, from the Arizona Cardinals practice squad this year?  While we had originally planned to promote both Weaver and Reggie Walker, the Cardinals sniffed out our interest and promoted Walker to the 53-man roster.

Weaver is not as much of a consolation prize as he is simply a less-experienced version of an inside linebacker. After all, he was a sixth-round selection by the Cardinals in the 2020 NFL Draft at pick 202 and hails from the familiar California Golden Bears football program.  While Weaver was drafted in round six, he is a bit raw in pass defense and a bit unorthodox when held to the standards of modern-day linebacking.

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Run stopper now, pass defender later

But he’s productive. And he smothers the runs. In fact, if he were playing in the NFL ten years ago, he would be a coveted defender. That’s because he plays the run as well as it can be played. He plugs holes, sheds blockers, takes great angles, and tackles efficiently. But the NFL changed, and his limited pass coverage has devalued his overall worth to a modern defense.

There is still a place in the Rams roster for a sure-handed tackler who can read blockers and make a solid play on the running back. In the process, the Rams could fast-track his pass defense with special attention in practice to develop those skills. Will it work? Well, the Rams need depth at the position, so it must.