What of LA Rams S John Johnson III?

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The LA Rams have extended three veterans this year. Is hope for extending S John Johnson III fading?

The LA Rams will operate within the same budgetary constraints as 31 other NFL teams. But the Rams have their own priorities, and that has historically translated into the quarterback, pass rusher, blindside offensive tackle, shutdown cornerback, and offensive skill players. By this point in time, the money is beginning to run out, and the Rams’ front office begins to bargain shop.

The general consensus on social media is the track record of the LA Rams when it comes to upping the ante to pay safeties. They don’t. They sign undrafted rookies, and they draft them on day three. But the Rams have historically opted not to pay their safeties to remain on the team. Will John Johnson III be an exception to that rule?

3 paths: Choose wisely Rams

Well, the Rams have three options as to their future with veteran safety John Johnson III.  The Rams can explore a trade now to get immediate value, let the season run its course and fill his roster spot from the existing players, or commit to extending him financially. Which route will the Rams choose, or refrain from choosing? You see, the default here is the same current that carried with it such Rams 2019 defensive stars as ILB Cory Littleton and OLB Dante Fowler Jr. So far, neither has put up similar on-field production as their time with the LA Rams.

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Social media is suggesting that John Johnson III may be growing frustrated and impatient with the LA Rams. That may or may not be the situation. Tracking a player’s IG account for who he follows presumes whoever is “tracking” the status checks it on a daily basis. I don’t think that’s the case here.  Social media is a tough place to gather real “intel”. So let’s focus on what we do know.