7 reasons to remain bullish on the LA Rams

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LA Rams
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7 reasons to remain bullish on the LA Rams despite their 4-2 record and struggles to defeat non-NFC-East teams

The LA Rams have lost their second game of the 2020 NFL season. By all accounts, the Rams remain among the NFL’s Top-10 teams for now. But for many who witnessed the game on Sunday Night Football, the Rams are suddenly tarnished. They lost a game that you wanted them to win. So now some say that the Rams “suck”, or even that the Rams are terrible.

Already, some are claiming that players should be benched, coaches should be fired, and the Rams organization should have deep soul-searching this week to determine if they even want to play the sport of professional football. That post-game reaction happens after an emotionally draining loss.  Still, let’s look at the Rams after a good night’s rest.

Brighter outlook for this team

For starters, let’s not overreact or over-dramatize the Rams’ loss. Even the best NFL teams in a season lose three or four games and still end the season as the number one-seeded team for the NFL playoffs. Good NFL teams lose games. Successful NFL teams adjust quickly to losses and learn from those misfortunes. The Rams, despite losing a game with pretty poor performance across the roster, still has plenty to be positive about.

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Of course, the Rams have things to fix. That list is never exhausted. As soon as the Rams make corrections, they will learn about new aspects of the game that they need to address. All 32 NFL teams have a punch list of areas they must address.  While the Rams have things that they need to fix, let’s step back a bit and take a look at the LA Rams big picture. What we find are reasons to remain bullish on this team,