7 reasons to remain bullish on the LA Rams

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Four of six games on the road

Whatever the LA Rams did to get on the bad side of the NFL schedulers, here’s hoping they get to bury the hatchet soon.  In the first six games, the LA Rams have already flown four times, three of which to the far ends of the continent. That’s a tough early schedule for any NFL team. Imagine the outcry of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if they flew three times for road games on the West Coast in their first six games?

And yet, that is the reality for California based teams. As soon as the season starts, travel plans are made to travel all over the nation. 2020 is particularly difficult because the NFC West is playing the NFC East and AFC East division. Even that would be fine if the Rams had a level loaded schedule.  But complicating their situation is the fact that they share a football stadium with the LA Chargers.

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Road Warriors

For comparison purposes, the Arizona Cardinals have traveled four times, but only twice to the East Coast.  The San Francisco 49ers have traveled twice, both games on the East Coast. But the team elected to remain east for both games.  The Seattle Seahawks have traveled three times, but only two times to the East Coast.

The LA Rams are road warriors now. And by the time they hit their week nine bye week, the team will have traveled east one more time to face the Miami Dolphins. That will mean five games in their first eight, with half taking place thousands of miles away.  After the bye, the Rams travel east just one more time, to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.