7 reasons to remain bullish on the LA Rams

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LA Rams
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Both losses by a total of 11 points

Sure, the Rams have lost two games. And what’s the value of a loss by one point versus a loss by 50 points?  But the Rams have been competitive enough to be in the running for six wins. That’s not the way the team played in 2019, and why the hope for a solid season should still be strong. The Rams may have lost two games, but the defense never crumbled under the pressure.

In fact, it was the surprising resilience that has been one of the bright spots of the team. With a dependable bedrock of defensive prowess, the offense can find its footing and claw their way back into the game.  A year ago? The Rams lost three games by a difference of  29 points. When the Rams lost, it was game over.

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Rams will win some close games

The reason this is relevant is that the Rams stay close enough to win some close game down the road.  While a loss is a loss, the momentum from the previous week will carry over to the following week.  And despite the emotional drain of a hard-fought victory, the satisfaction enjoyed afterward is worth it.

Football is a competitive sport.  So cheering for a competitive team, win or lose, will always be more enjoyable in the end than cheering for a team that gets blown out. The Rams were blown out in 2019 in several games, and as soon as the game got out of reach, it became nearly unwatchable.  In 2020, games remain within reach, and that is a huge improvement this season.