7 reasons to remain bullish on the LA Rams

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Goff had a good game but lousy luck

When an offense fails to meet expectations, the first finger pointed in the inevitable blame-game aims at the quarterback. Fans are reluctant to question the head coach for calling lousy plays. Fans also seem to be reluctant from calling out receivers for dropping balls that landed in their hands. Against the 49ers, the ball frequently hit receivers in the hands, only to drop to the ground.

If you live long enough, you learn that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Goff version 2.0

This is not rookie Jared Goff. Nor is it 2019 Jared Goff.  LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff this year is finally taking ownership of the offense. By doing so, he is finally shedding the label as “system quarterback”.  This is Jared Goff version 2.0.  While the 49ers game may not appear changed to the naked eye, it was tremendously different. This was a quarterback that continued to throw catchable balls to receivers despite their inability to catch them.

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Jared Goff is more than just another quarterback. He isn’t a statistic passer. He is far more shrewd than many give him credit for. He extends plays and has learned how to pass under less than optimal conditions. Now, it’s just a matter of the rest of the team catching up to him I believe that happens very soon, as soon as this week. Goff is proving to be the leader that the Rams need on offense. And that is very good news, indeed.